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  Main Menu and EPG  

Full access to the channel list, current and next day programming Complete information about each of the programs on the grid.
Direct access to the list of channels without using the EPG. Full search engine software.
Administration of channels select favorites, to select aprogram or to block content. Volume control with program information and accessibility of interactive advertising.


  (*) Some services may require local permits alliances.(**) Some services may require payment of commissions to third parties.  

Music Anywhere®

This application allows the user to navigate with versatility in a music library online, fully updated and with option to buy music.
This utility requires a local license music content provider for the region.
Our engineers can develop versatile and assorted applications in order to provide additional services, specialized and online, that fit customer needs..
We have several financial operating models for each application

Read Anywhere®

Our system allows any user to consult books, magazines and newspapers using the remote control of the IPTV system, but requires partnerships or agreements with local providers for such content.
Because of our versatile SDK we can quickly implement access to any kind of publication even those with multimedia features

Video Anywhere® VOD
Supports both SDTV and HDTV.
Supports operations with up to 5 speeds.
Supports over 40 channels for 7 or more days.
UI-friendly iEPG. 
Value-Added Service
Power-on Advertisement: video, picture or text.
Advertisement inserted during play.
Precision Advertisement: location or hobby based.
Interactive Stock.
Remote Education.
Rating Survey.
Karaoke (Kara-OK).
TV banking and Shopping.
TV medical care.And more

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